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B&B Construction Group Inc is a Prince Albert, Saskatchewan based construction company that was initially established in 1956. B&B offers a full range of urban construction services for Prince Albert and area, which include highways, residential, site development, commercial and retail development.


Over the years, B&B Asphalt Limited, has come to specialize in complete construction services for the development of paved and granular surfacing structures and commercial development within the city of Prince Albert. Our company can manufacture, haul, stockpile or supply and place all types of granular material to suit any project need from specialty crushed products to Rip-Rap to finely grade sands. 

In addition, we at B&B Concrete have the ability to supply concrete to Prince Albert and area, as well as provide concrete pumping services.

Wheatland Builders and Concrete Limited started in 1976 and has completed a diverse variety of concrete construction projects throughout Western Canada. Over the years, the company has excelled in the extruded concrete and concrete paving sectors. We have expanded with the above to better serve Prince Albert and surrounding area and to increase our focus and commitment to provide our home town with cost effective, quality construction products and services.


By focusing on Prince Albert and area as our primary market and expanding as indicated, we have been able to provide a diverse array of employment opportunities for our long term and new employees. Our entire work force calls Prince Albert home. We are proud to be able to maintain and grow career opportunities for our team and have them continue participating in and contributing to the Prince Albert economy.

As a direct result of maintaining a focus on the Prince Albert area it has equipped us with the knowledge, equipment, work force and flexibility to quickly adapt to changing conditions, priorities and diverse needs of the Prince Albert and area requirements.

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